Monday, December 13, 2010

Selling a service

Selling education, like selling any service, is difficult because it is an intangible.  However, unlike other services, education institutions must paint a picture of their service in a way that helps people to understand the value of their service in comparison to other institutions that can provide you with the exact same service.  This commercial from Wichita State University sells the idea that at their university, dreams can become reality, and people can alter the world.  They differentiate their engineering degree from other universities appealing to peoples' fantasy of making a reality out of a far fetched idea or childhood dream.  In reality, they are selling a four year degree.  As all students know, you don't go to class one day to find that suddenly your dreams have become reality.  A four year degree is a lot of multiple choice tests, classes taught by TAs with dubious English skills, and late night study sessions fueled by coffee.  Wichita State may have a good engineering program, but the image presented in this commercial likely is unreflective.  However, they sell the school in a way that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  I want to go there and become a leader.

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