Monday, November 1, 2010

Target Marketing

I already had a post about Facebook's ads a few weeks ago, but I have more to say...

My boyfriend proposed to me last week.  Last night we changed our relationship status on Facebook from "in a relationship" to "engaged".  As soon as Gavin changed his status, an ad popped up on his side bar for engaged people in Lewiston.  This is a hot air ballon company that offers a variety of different balloon riding options, including the option to be married in a hot air ballon.

This Facebook ad is a great example of Geodemography because it targets people in a certain region, near Lewiston, who are in a particular category, engaged.  Companies can very easily use Geodemography to target very specific target markets by paying Facebook for information on its users.  This company, Adventurist Air, probably pays Facebook a certain fee for use of information on users who are engaged so they can use geocoding in an even more targeted manner.

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