Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chapter Eight: Managing Products

Last weekend, I was walking through Sears with my boyfriend when we walked past he appliances section we saw some red washing machine/dryer sets.  He became infatuated with the machines saying, "wow, that washer is so sexy.  It's red and curvy.  They stack on top of each other."

Whirlpool's brand manager was probably trying to make their brand appeal more to a younger generation.  If this was their intent, then clearly, it worked.  By making their new washing machines a bright and fun color they make their machines exciting and fresh.  It also gives them the ability to charge double for their product, the red machine sells for $899, but plain white machines from other companies sell for as low as $360.

Another aspect of this washing machine and dryer that sets it apart is the fact that it can be stacked or set side by side helps it appeal to people who have a limited amount of space.  Often people who live in apartments lack extra space for a full washing machine, but using a stackable washer/dryer set allows them to have a washroom in their home.  Further, people who are younger tend to live in apartments because they cannot afford their own home.  These machines are thus, directed at young people in two ways.

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