Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chapter Four: Consumer Behavior - Status Symbol

There are many different types of status symbols here in the US and around the world.  A Status symbol is a "product or service which sends a message to others, perhaps that the consumer is affluent."   There are many examples of this that can be found in everyday life.  In the US, status symbols can represent one's status in many different arenas:
  • Private school for your children.
  • Having a maid.
  • Owning a boat or a country club membership.
  • The type of watch you wear.
  • The brand of the Purse you carry.
  • For many women, having a ring on your left ring finger is a huge status symbol.  It conveys your martial status telling people that you are taken, wanted, desired.  But for some women, not just any ring will do, a ring that comes in a little sea foam green box from Tiffany & Co. is the only thing that will do. 
  • According to an article I recently read, having a stay-at-home spouse is now considered a status symbol because it conveys to others that you are important enough to make enough money to support your whole family.
  • For professional, career driven women, having a stay at home husband can be the ultimate status symbol.  It representatives that she is capable of being independent, powerful, and the sole provider, in a way that, until recently, only men could.  An article from Marie Claire describes this: Stay at Home Dad's a Corporate Woman's Ultimate Status Symbol.

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