Monday, October 4, 2010

Chapter One: Target Marketing

I was thinking about how target marketing can help companies sell essentially the same product to two distinct target markets.  The example that I came up with was mini vans.  We all know that mini vans aren't the coolest cars, or the fastest cars.  They represent a loss of freedom, they are the epitome of being a "family man" or a soccer mom.  They are the station wagons of today.  So how can companies market these vehicles to people who don't want to fit into these stereotypes?  They have to find a way to show people that minivans are very functional, versatile, and practical vehicles.

The two examples I found target men and women of about the same age group with separate ads.

The first video is the Nissan ad targeting moms.  It plays a Modest Mouse song and shows pictures of "cool" mom's who surf and do all sorts of fun activities.

The second video is for the dads.  It shows rugged men out in the Wild West driving a mini van, it actually uses the word "rugged" to describe the Pontiac mini van it it features men saying "I've never seen a mini van do that."

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  1. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the videos embedded when I originally made this post in September. So I tried to embed the videos today after watching the youtube video on how to do so because I saw it on Dr. Featherman's website. But since I just edited the post today, it says I posted it today which isn't the case. I just don't want to lose points on my blog because it looks like I just started it.