Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chapter Two: Grwoth strategies - product development

At Safeway yesterday, a woman was handing out samples of a new Wheat Thins product.  It's called Crunch Stix, instead of being a traditional cracker, these snacks are like bread sticks.  At the store, they were handing out two varieties, "honey wheat" and "sun-dried tomato".  This is an example of product development because the Nabisco company is focusing on selling a new product in an existing market.

As a side note, handing out samples is a great idea for this product.  It convinced me that they are a tasty snack.  I don't like wheat thinks, but I do like this product, without the free sample in the store, I would never have tried their new product. So maybe this counts as market development as well, but that seems like a stretch.

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